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What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office tells your clients you are operating from a professional and corporate address, but without paying large office rents compared to when you lease out a physical office space. It is a great way to show your clients that you are open for business, simultaneously keeping your costs low and your privacy secure. Virtual offices are also a fantastic way to get a Google profile, rank higher in SEO keywords, keep your clients away from knowing where you live, receive mail from a corporate address and attract more clients with your professional image. 

Adelaide Virtual Offices across many metropolitan suburbs. 

  • Use of a professional office address – choose your preferred location!
  • Mail handling & forwarding
  • Invitation to networking events
  • Internal client opportunities via our app


Virtual office Adelaide
Virtual Boardroom

“I never knew this existed! I didn’t need to occupy a full office as I’m always on the road. Once I found out that Business Hub was offering an office package where I can meet clients whenever  I wanted was just fantastic. My business looks professional – unlike my home office or PO Box – highly highly recommeneded”.

Jonathan K.

Marketing SA

Virtual Boardroom

“My business needed a online profile, Google needs an address but we couldn’t commit to a long term lease. This virtual office gave me the flexibility to try different locations and my revenues increased without taking huge risk. Great idea, multiple locations which really suited me. 

Kayla T,


Virtual Boardroom

“I work from home, my office is already set-up, But i simply didnt want clients knowing where I live. The virtual office gave me privacy, mail got redireceted to my place and I’ve opened up more clientele in different parts of Adelaide. I’ve taken up 3 locations, thinking of doing more locations in the near future. 

Timothy D,

Director, Bookkeeping Adelaide Services

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