To put simply – the co-working environment is here to stay. What started across the globe has hit our shores with open arms in the industry. There is a real need for co-working environments and this is embraced by many industries – but ofcourse not suited for everyone. Tech start-ups love the idea of being immersed in a collaborative field to bounce ideas off like minded people. The typical accountant however will not be able to work in these conditions.

“I couldn’t work from home any longer with a new family. We joined a co-working facility and now can discuss ideas in a professional workarea whilst still being my own boss and for a fraction of the cost” James, IT Solutions SA”

So there is a real need for certain industries wanting to get out of home and co-work. We now have many members specializing in the co-working office space with break out rooms and privacy areas to make those all important phone calls. And we can only see these spaces getting larger and more accessible whilst office/warehouse space becomes harder and harder to lease out to long term tenants.