4 simple leasing options when moving out of your home office:

You may feel it’s the right time to move out of your home office, after all it’s the start of a new year and you want to get the right work life balance. Or perhaps it’s time to network with others and start pushing the growth of your business. Below are the options you have when moving out of your home office:

1. Sublease a room

Subleasing has been around for a while, devised by small business tenants operating their current business but want to alleviate the operating costs of an office. Although it works many sub-lessees feel they are simply guests in someone else’s business operation.

2. Head lessee arrangement

A more costly way is to get into your own head lease agreement. This is great for branding, control and ownership however it also comes with the full responsibility of all the office expenses for the length of the lease term. Keep in mind all the additional expenses, bond security requirements and time required to deal with any building issues. Feeling alone & isolated may also be factors to consider when you are the only one in the building. 

3. Coworking

A booming initiative worldwide is the coworking environment. Very affordable and accessible with all facilities on offer to its members. Suitable for some personalities but not all due to the nature of open plan spaces, sometimes causing disruption to productivity and not having the feel of stability when hotdesking.

4. Serviced Offices

A mix between all of the above. There’s an element of community but at the same time privacy is offered via your private office. Easier barriers to entry with shorter lease terms, very affordable and saves the individual a lot of time without having to worry about any building issues that arise. Virtual offices are normally on offer for meeting room access for the most basic of packages. 

So when choosing your best option when moving out from your home office consider all the above for a smoother transition that will suit your individual circumstance.