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The team at Business Hub continually strive to increase our philanthropic efforts around the world. From supporting small businesses, micro-lending to 3rd world countries or assisting children orphanages, our mission is to support in any way we can and make a positive change. If you would like to support, volunteer, donate, send gifts or supplies to any one of the causes please contact us below.

Fiji, 2011

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Malaysia, 2015

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Vietnam, 2013

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Greece, 2018

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Greece, 2014

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Children Of Greece Orphanage 2018
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2011 Suva, Fiji.

Our first trip was to the south pacific island of Fiji. After landing in Nadi, we took the long trek to Suva. We arranged pickup to go to our small village destination to meet the kids. This visit to the village was a great experience and a chance to meet all the kids and parents. We brought supplies and enjoyed the day purchasing the wonderful items the kids make for a living. Their smiles were certainly contagious and this was the catalyst of the Business Hub expeditions.


FIJI 2010

2013 Bac Lieu, Vietnam.

We travelled to a rural area 6 & a half hours drive from Saigon. We were greeted by the Buddhist Monk of Bac Lieu temple along with another 7 of their volunteers & supporters. Over the next week we accomplished:

  • Renovated the entire orphanage of 41 kids
  • Internal & external painting of the building
  • A classroom fit-out & a new library
  • Electricity repair & fan install in every room
  • New massive pergola & new playground!


2014 Crete, Greece

A rather special trip for us, we arranged a visit to an orphanage in Chania on the island of Crete. This orphanage is in need of financial assistance on many levels. It supports over 25 children from the ages of 5-14 years of age. Our ongoing support is paramount for the well-being of the children, we encourage anyone to visit & volunteer their days to help clean, cook or take the children out for a fun day. We plan on visiting & supporting again on a regular basis, thankyou to Spiros for the work you do and your support during our visit.


2015 Johor, Malaysia

We decided to do something different for our fourth charity expedition. After landing in Singapore, we took the long bus ride and crossed the border to Johor Malaysia. Here we were greeted with 37 children from Pushpanesam’s Orphanage. The volunteers do an amazing job taking care of all the kids left abandoned by their parents. Business Hub’s small contribution to the orphanage was:

  • Food & kitchen supplies
  • Heaps of books & even more toys
  • Day trip for all to Legoland Malaysia!
  • Best achievement were the smiles!!



2018 Corfu, Greece

Business Hub has arranged an up & coming visit to the ‘Smile of the Children” orphanage in central Corfu, a picturesque Ionian island in Greece. There is currently 18 children living in a community house & the wonderful host Irene will be providing us shortly with any requirements the orphanage needs & also a list of each child where we can bring a special gift to. If you would like to support, let us know and we can send you this list or gift ideas that can be hand delivered to each child – or better yet, come along and help us volunteer!




Donate to the children of Greece orphanage.

2018 Charity Expedition
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