Would you like to partner with us?

There are two ways.

License Partner.

If you own or lease a property.

Invest in and operate a Business Hub Serviced Office – Enjoy all the income streams this license has to offer. We provide the platform, branding, systems, procedures and technology to operate a successful business. 

Invest in a Business Hub and we’ll do all the work for you. As a passive licensee, you’ll have the ability to come in as you please and work or you can sit back and we’ll manage the whole operation from our end. You’ll earn a great return on your investment.

Office Broker Partner.

Get paid for introducing members.

Receive 50% of the first months’ fee when members sign an agreement. E.g. $1,000 monthly rent for your client = Upfront $500 payment to you. You’ll also be part of our network and have the chance to increase your business through all our members across all locations.

Receive a 10% ongoing monthly fee for the first 12 months when members sign a one year agreement. E.g. $1,000 monthly rent your client pays = $100 every month paid to you. This is a great way to build an ongoing monthly income and you’ll be part of our network for ongoing business opportunities.