We are always looking for people that can share the vision of Business Hub. Business Hub stands for being Bold and Brave. Our members are full of exciting business owners and entrepreneurs that have shown these qualities just by being in business.

We are always updating the roles so please check regularly or send us your resume:


Board Member

Seeking an experienced board member to join meetings on a regular basis.

  • Accountability & strategic direction
  • Networking opportunities available


Marketing Co-ordinator

Work with closely with our marketing team to get the most out of the marketing budget, lead generation and reach our target audience. 

  • Lead generation
  • Branding
  • Social media 
Property Analyst

(This job is no longer available)

Analyse each property to ensure its success as a Business Hub. You must be degree qualified and provide the following:

  • Analytics pre and post purchase.
  • Financial feasibility
  • Research on suburb demograpics
Event Co-ordinator

(This job is no longer available)

Organise, conduct and host events across all our Business Hubs. Liaise with members and Head Office to ensure successful events on a regular basis. 

  • Launch events
  • Product promotion
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Cocktail evenings
Sales and Member Management

(This job is no longer available)

Receive leads and show members throughout selected offices, conduct inspections and quality assurance and ensure maximum occupancy throughout with a high level of member engagement.


If you are within the final year of study or recently graudated, you could be eligble for the internship program we conduct at Business Hub. The following fields of study we accept are:

  • Property
  • Marketing
  • Management/Business

To apply go to: