8 advantages of coworking:

Coworking certainly has its ups & downs, so we thought we’d outline the advantages first to help you make a more informed decision when leaving your home office and looking for a more affordable office solution in Adelaide.​
Advantages include:
1. Expand your professional network​.
2. Find new clients to grow your income.​
3. Hire & be hired more easily.​
4. Less family disruptions or personal errands.​
5. No temptations from home TV or fridge. ​
6. Higher motivation being surrounded by other entreprenuers.​
7. Better work-life balance.​
8. Work by yourself, not alone.​
5 Disadvantages of coworking:​
We should outline some of the disadvantages of the coworking environment. Here are 5 quick ones that come to mind.​
1. Sometimes it can be noisy environment​
2. You may feel like you need to be quiet.​
3.Too many distractions by your coworkers.​
4. Potential privacy concerns.​
5. Clash of personalities. ​
Many of the disadvantages can be rectified by taking an affordable serviced office. Your privacy is then restored, you can close the door to reduce noise levels & distractions. Although you may be paying slightly more than the typical coworking space, in the long run it may suit you & your business alot more while still getting all the advantages of a coworking environment.